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Hello guys,

Several years ago I’ve spent quite much time searching tuning materials and possibility for the N62 engine but found almost nothing, just for the old M62. Than I’ve started building my first supercharger set from Alpina parts and today it looks like I’ll be able to offer you 3 different options for all chassis of the N62 engine. I’ve spent a sh*tload of time designing you supercharger kits, which were sometimes stressfull, sometimes had success, sometimes I’ve lost all of my hope, but finally I’m in the finish line and proud of my work. 🙂

In this year I’d like to finish the following:

  • Alpina supercharger sets for the E60, E63, E65
  • Twin-screw supercharger set for the X5 (or also for the other models if there’s enough interrest)
  • Turbocharger kit
  • Software modding
  • Manual gearbox swap kits (adapter + single mass flywheel)
  • Finish my BMW E46 1UZ twin-turbo

Now I’d like to ask you to donate my work and not letting me starve to death… 😀 Just kidding… I’ve a specific reason to ask you for it!

If the donations reaches around 3-4000 euros I’ll do the following:

  • Find the limit of the N62B44 engine by blowing it up. For your donation you’ll get:
    • Videos, descriptions about engine preparation
    • Videos of the dyno pulls
    • And the end result, with videos, horsepowers, newtonmeters and everything. 🙂

If the donations reach higher, or there’s a specific request, I’ll also invest my time onto this:

  • Redesign factory pistons to achieve a lower compression ratio but keeping the same strenght by applying ceramic coating onto it.
  • Creating 2 standalone ECU kits for boosted application. Mostly for racing or hobby applications.
    • 1 low cost with drive by cable, valvetronic deleted, basic vanos function (on-off)
    • 1 higher cost with DBW, valvetronic delete
  • And many more things if you ask me for it…

If you are in Europe and have a spare or non working engine you could also donate it to me for this purpose.

Donate this crazy guy 😀

So all in all, if you liked my writings and would like to see more, and you can afford it, please donate the site and calm down my wife that not all of my money are invested to my cars... 😀 It could be done by some clicks with paypal. Thanks a lot!


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