Big HP Alpina parts for sale!!!

Hello guys,

I’ve some big HP Alpina parts for sale. Let me know if you need something.

  • 700+ HP Alpina crankshaft (direct fit to the N62B44)
  • Camshafts for boost
  • Alpina transmission
  • etc…
  • Block and head damaged, not for sale

Big HP Alpina parts for sale!!!” bejegyzéshez 2 hozzászólás

  1. Hi,
    I am the single owner since new of ’08 B7. All stock, the SUPERCHARGER started making sounds so I stopped driving the car.
    I would love to get more power with your Supercharged modifications, how much HP will it increase, how much for the unit with my core unit coming to you if you like, second do you have the twin screw unit sorted and tuned, how much for the transmission please, does it shift faster than the stock B7?


    1. Hello Scott,
      You made a good decision! Better check the issue before it gets worse. Send me a video and I’ll try to check it.
      I’m still working on the bigger impeller upgrade, but I think I’ll be ready around end of May. I’m expecting it will bring the car to about 600 hp, but no test yet. As I don’t own an Alpina, somebody needs to test it. 🙂 The modification will be about 600 euro, but needs to get at the end of development to see the final costs. If your sc needs a repair, that’s an additional cost.
      Twin-screw unit will be ready in June, hardware vise, but software vise not yet know. Actually it was made for the BMW version, running it with a piggyback or a standalone ecu, but it could be easily adapted to the Alpina, because it uses the same crankshaft pulley. Only software vise must it be sorted.
      I’d like to sell the transmission for 1200 euro. I have no idea if it shifts faster than the stock B7. It’s coming from a B5 so I assuem it’s the same…


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