3D scanning of Alpina parts and twin-screw supercharger

Hello guys,

I’ve been on holiday yesterday and today so decided to make as much progress on my builds as possible. Today we’ve 3D scanned the N62 engine, various Alpina parts, and a twin-screw supercharger for my build. Enjoy the pictures and let me know if you have any question! Btw, I’m considering selling some of the 3D scans.

And why was this step important? Because:

  • I’ll use the scanned pulleys to measure the dimensions, design a larger crankshaft pulley for the Supercharger Upgrade 1 and 2 to achieve higher rpm and higher boost level.
  • To create a package with pulleys and drawings for the fellow hobbists who’d like to make their own measurement, design, or could simply reproduce the parts. Will be later available for purchase only.
  • Analyse, compare stock N62 pistons to Alpina boost pistons and create a compression reducing tech writeup for the DIY people. Will be later available for purchase only.
  • Scanning of the engine and twin-screw supercharger to desing and produce the needed parts for usage.

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