Alpina B7 supercharger rebuild with upgrade 1 parts

Hello guys,

In the previous weeks I received an Alpina B7 supercharger for rebuild and the owner’s request was to use the upgrade 1 parts because it has a damaged compressor wheel. I’ve been off work, on holiday yesterday and today so I’ve spent my time seful. 🙂

As the shaft had a hughe play of course the supercharger leaked oil heavily.

The supercharger showed some strange issues…

After removing the compressor housing it was clearly visible that someone made an improper repair previously. I asked the owner and he confirmed my theory and noted he also found other additional improper repairs on the cylinder head gaskets made by the previous owner of the car…

After analysing the parts of the supercharger I couldn’t find any parts which could be reused… Everything was toast, heavily damaged, and extremely worn… But fortunately I have some spare uperchargers and could offer new parts to rebuild the SC.

After a short discussion with the owner we agreed to proceed the build. So the supercharger got the new sealings designed by TheCrazyDIYengineer, the uprated hybrid ceramic bearings and the high strength improved billett compressor wheel. I’d like to just mention that I’m not reusing any seals, bolts, etc, but I’m using new o-rings from high temperature resistant (200°C) material and new stainless steel bolts properly glued in.

And this is how a properly rebuilt, upgraded Alpina supercharger looks like with the properly set clearances. 0 play! 🙂

After I completed the compressor side I proceeded with the gear side, but here I found also some additional unexpected surprise…

The basket of the bearings at the side gears has been cracked, and the input shaft bearings was also grinding… These sat back the project for an additional 350 euro… I’ve ordered the parts and complete the build next week.

This is how a worn input shaft bearing sounds like

Alpina B7 supercharger rebuild with upgrade 1 parts” bejegyzéshez 2 hozzászólás

  1. Hello, I’m in the process of rebuilding my SC and wondering if you have a source for the spring seal where the compressor wheel shaft passes through to the air chamber? I don’t have any play though all the o-rings were hard and oil was being pulled through.

    Are you getting higher cfm with your billet fan?


    1. Hi, unfortunately the seal you’re looking for could not be sourced. I’m using a different one which needs modifying the housing. The billett wheel is the improved version of the stock. It has a little more flow.


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