Alpina supercharger tuning on the way!!!

Hello guys,

I think I’ve well spent the last few weeks. 🙂 After several new 3d scans, re-engineering and re-designing hours/days I can introduce you the final form of the Supercharger Upgrade #2.

The housing, assembled backplate, original compressor wheel were 3d scanned and I’ve built this basic model. The blue one is the original (actually upgrade #1) compressor wheel and the yellow one is my new design tuning compressor wheel.

Instead of the original 7+7 design it’ll be 11+0 blade design. The housing must be machined and a little bit also the backplate but as you see it has well enough material to remain. During my design I’ve chosen from about 70 compressor wheels, checked 10 variants by fitting and this was the best.

This modification will cost approximately 700 euro which includes the new compressor wheel, machining of the parts, new set of o-ring and of course inspection and clearance settings.

I’ve started negotiating with the supplier and the MOQ is 5 pieces (+ design and validation cost, but that’s my issue). I also need to receive 50% pre-payment to start ordering.

If you have interest please let me know!

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