How to supercharge your 545, 645, 745 Alpina style on a budget. Guides, plans, instructions

Who would be interested for such a document?

As I’m having less and less time, I decided to sell a complete instruction instead of a full kit. It’s on a budget because the parts could be sourced by yourself, made by yourself and if you have already something at home you can use it. But of course if you need something you can always ask me if I have it.

What this document will contain:

  • BMW – Alpina comparison. Differencies, how to improve your car
  • Bill of material for the build
  • Guides to modify electronics side
  • Guides to modify fuel system
  • Guides to load supercharger software
  • Guides for the build
  • 3D scanned parts for measuring and doing your own plans
  • CAD data, 2D drawings for production or 3D printing

This kit is based on the Alpina parts however Vortech superchargers or special turbochargers could be used, but those are not tested. I’ve been gathering these information for at least 3 years, I’ve invested much money into parts, scanning, manufacturing and prototyping and I’ve more than a thousand of work hours in it. Therefore I’m going to aim about 6-700 euro for this complete package!

I’m planning to release this document during October for pre-order, and ready to supply during November-December.

If you’d be interested please contact me!

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