N62 supercharger set ready for take off

Hello guys,

Finally came to the state that the supercharger kits could start the selling phase.

What we’re talking about:

A twin-screw supercharger kit which fits all the N62 engines. E60, E63, E65, X5 series.

Attention, 4.4 and 4.8 engines have different ECU, therefore they will first be available for the 4.4 version.

Mainly it’s a plug and play kit however still DIY therefore probably there’ll left some stuff which needs to be solved on your own. For example check under hood fitting, and to fit an intercooler heat exchanger. The reason of this I focused to fit nicely to all N62 engines however each chassis is different therefore it’d have been a hughe challange and necessary to get test vehicles from all series. The rest of the job should not be a big deal.

The following parts will be in the kit, what I divide to 3 parts.

  • TheCrazyDIYengineer’s hardware kit: This contains all the adapters to fit the LC3 Caddylac supercharger.
    • Adapter plates
    • Crankshaft pulley
    • Supercharger pulley
    • Tensioner bracket, tensioner, belt
    • Intercooler hose adaptor
    • Pressure sensor adapter
    • Fuel rail
  • TheCrazyDIYengineer’s tune
  • Parts to be sourced externally:
    • Caddy LC3 supercharger
    • Injectors
    • Intercooler heat exchanger
    • Intercooler water pump
    • Expansion tank
    • Some hoses, miscs part, or parts needed to be relocated
    • Gearbox map –> If you have auto trans (XHP Flashtune)

Please be aware that the hardware kit and tune needs to be purchased together. Selling alone is not possible. It is also not possible to sell individual parts from the hardware kit.

Pleae be aware that ONLY 1 specific type of injector going to be used in the kit, therefore you need to source the specified one. Other injectors not going to be mapped this stage. Be aware and stay away of the chinese copies! If you want to make sure I can supply them also in the kit.

If you’re interested and willing to get one please register your request in the following site: Pre-Order form

Tuning on an engine dyno will be done in October-November so this will be a very nice winter project!

Prices are not fixed yet and could vary.

Estimated total cost~$6 500,00
TheCrazyDIYengineer’s hardware kit~$3 000,00
TheCrazyDIYengineer’s tune~$800,00
External source~$2 700,00

Parts list:

adapter platesLászló
Fuel railLászló
crankshaft pulleyLászló
supercharger pulleyLászló
tensioner + bracketLászló
intercooler hose adapterLászló
pressure sensor adapterLászló
Supercharger Caddylac LC3anywhere you can find it. eg. ebay
vibration dampenercenter hole needs to be machined
intercooler radiatorneeds to be self chosen as every chassis differs (e60, e65, X5)
intercooler water pump
Bosch 0392022002 (Cadyy, Mustang, LSA engines)
László or anywhere you can get locally
intercooler expansion tankwhat you can find locally
some hoses and small misc partslocally
Gearbox map (only with auto trans)XHP flash

And here comes some pictures:

N62 supercharger set ready for take off” bejegyzéshez 3 hozzászólás

  1. Hy,
    What about power how much does it make with this supercharger ?

  2. been working on this build. i need the adapter plate the pulleys i figured out way to do a cowl indyction type system. email me i’d like to help and also get my 645 finished

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