3d printer arrived

Hello guys, A new toy arrived to my garage. 🙂 3d printer which is capable to print PLA, ABS, PA6 (nylon), PETG, nylon + carbon fiber. A new dimension of prototyping and modding! It has a build plate of 500x500x600 mm!!!!! If you need something let me know!

Attention! Need your opinion!

Hello guys, The twin-screw and centrifugal supercharger kit is ready hardware wise. The only remaining topic is modding the software. Here comes the difficulties and different routes. It’s possible to tune the factory ecu and also possible to fit standalone/tunable ecu. Both solutions have their benefits but one thing is sure. I’m limited with resourcesContinue reading “Attention! Need your opinion!”

Alpina B5 ecu flash for sale

Hello guys, I’ve for sale a fully virginised Alpina B5 ecu backup. Fully virgines mean that the ISN was set back and the VIN number is cleared. It means after installation you only need to sync in INPA to make it work. This full backup could be flashed to all BMW ecu with Bosch pnContinue reading “Alpina B5 ecu flash for sale”

New scans, new plans, new opportunities!

Hello guys, 2 new scannes arrived today. I’ve great plans with these, they revelas great possibilities, revolutinary products on the sight soon! 🙂

Some superchargers and spare parts

Hello guys, Just cleaning the garage, thought I would show you my collection. 🙂 1 additional is on the way to me. 🙂 I always keep these as parts, if something is necessary for your sc, I can change it. If you have one which will not be needed just throw me a message. IContinue reading “Some superchargers and spare parts”

Alpina supercharger tuning

I’ve received the bigger compressor wheel for the tuning. 🙂 Stock size: 60/86 mm, 7+7 blade Tuning size: 70/91 mm, 11 blade The design process starts now, so hopefully I can present something at the end of May. 🙂

Relay board ready!!!

I’m ready with the relay board. If you’d like to install a DET3 piggyback and need a such panel, just let me know. 🙂 You will find the details HERE.

BMW 545 N62 centrifugal supercharger set ready

Hello guys, I’m happy to announce that I’m 95% ready with the N62 supercharger set. The prototype is installed on my 545 but it can be installed on all of the N62 platforms (except the E53 X5). And of course this is the prototype, and the final product will look less chaotic, it’ll have lessContinue reading “BMW 545 N62 centrifugal supercharger set ready”

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