Alpina B5 (B6) – B7 supercharger comparison

In case you were wondering if a B7 supercharger could be used on a B5. Or vica-versa. So the answer is no. I hope it’s visible on the picture. They have different connection dimensions so non interchangeable.

First kicks on the supercharged BMW 545

These are the first kicks on the supercharged BMW 545. It’s using a refurbished Alpina B5 supercharger. Final programming will be done 2020. February. After it several kits will be available for sale. Those could be used on the complete N62 family and also the M62 M60 and S62. So E60/61, E63/64, E65/66, X5 ownersContinue reading “First kicks on the supercharged BMW 545”

A short video of a refurbished Alpina B5 supercharger

This is an Alpina B5 supercharger which were leaking oil heavaly. During the service main bearings and all sealings were changed, now it has 0 oil leaks and running great.

First start of the 1UZ vvti engine. Click for the video!

I’ve removed this engine from a Lexus LS400 for my BMW E46 1UZ swap build which had immobiliser issues so it was not starting. The seller told me it was running so I was hoping I got the truth… I was curious about the engine condition so I built this basic setup with a basicContinue reading “First start of the 1UZ vvti engine. Click for the video!”

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