Donate me!!!! :D

Hello guys, Several years ago I’ve spent quite much time searching tuning materials and possibility for the N62 engine but found almost nothing, just for the old M62. Than I’ve started building my first supercharger set from Alpina parts and today it looks like I’ll be able to offer you 3 different options for allBővebben: “Donate me!!!! :D”

First start of the 1UZ vvti engine. Click for the video!

I’ve removed this engine from a Lexus LS400 for my BMW E46 1UZ swap build which had immobiliser issues so it was not starting. The seller told me it was running so I was hoping I got the truth… I was curious about the engine condition so I built this basic setup with a basicBővebben: “First start of the 1UZ vvti engine. Click for the video!”