New products arrived to my “shop”

7. Oversized pulley for higher boost 8. Clutch center nut 9. Clutch elimination adapter Check the pricing at the Supercharger repair section.

Attention! Need your opinion!

Hello guys, The twin-screw and centrifugal supercharger kit is ready hardware wise. The only remaining topic is modding the software. Here comes the difficulties and different routes. It’s possible to tune the factory ecu and also possible to fit standalone/tunable ecu. Both solutions have their benefits but one thing is sure. I’m limited with resourcesContinue reading “Attention! Need your opinion!”

New scans, new plans, new opportunities!

Hello guys, 2 new scannes arrived today. I’ve great plans with these, they revelas great possibilities, revolutinary products on the sight soon! 🙂

Alpina supercharger tuning

I’ve received the bigger compressor wheel for the tuning. 🙂 Stock size: 60/86 mm, 7+7 blade Tuning size: 70/91 mm, 11 blade The design process starts now, so hopefully I can present something at the end of May. 🙂

3D scanning of Alpina parts and twin-screw supercharger

Hello guys, I’ve been on holiday yesterday and today so decided to make as much progress on my builds as possible. Today we’ve 3D scanned the N62 engine, various Alpina parts, and a twin-screw supercharger for my build. Enjoy the pictures and let me know if you have any question! Btw, I’m considering selling someContinue reading “3D scanning of Alpina parts and twin-screw supercharger”

Donate me!!!! :D

Hello guys, Several years ago I’ve spent quite much time searching tuning materials and possibility for the N62 engine but found almost nothing, just for the old M62. Than I’ve started building my first supercharger set from Alpina parts and today it looks like I’ll be able to offer you 3 different options for allContinue reading “Donate me!!!! :D”

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