Hi, I’m László TheCrazyDIYengineer. And this is my first motorcycle. My father used to ride motorcycles and rally racing with the famous (at least in Hungary and east Europe) LADA car. So I can say my enthusiasm is coming from my childhood and it’s in my blood. 🙂 I was 3 years old when I received this bike and it was hand made by my father from a Pony Romet. Until I got 18 years old I had more than 30 motorcycles. Many of them were rebuilt from the basics, first together with my father, later on my own. When I got 16-17 I started to learn driving a car thought by the best teacher, my father. During high school I did not have many friends because everybody was talking and only thinking about football and I left alone with my car enthusiasm. I was quite good at math and physics, loved cars and motorcycles so I decided I will be an engineer. During university years I had to sell my motorcycle and give up my hobby for a period because of the university loans. Finally I graduated as an Automotive Engineer at the specialisation of Car manufacturing, maintainance and quality management. In the coming 8 years I’ve spent all of my time on my career at the automotive industry, my education. My hobby had to stay in the background. I graduated also as a Lean engineer, started MBA course (but not finished) and became a top manager of automotive companies. In 2018 I’ve decided to build a “race car” and here starts the journey of TheCrazyDIYengineer. I sat down and thought what I’ve achieved in the past 30 years, and I was quite satisfied so far. In 2019 I decided I can’t live happyly forever so I married my wife. 🙂 Just kidding, I love her. 🙂 (and she’s standing next to me looking angry) In the coming 30-40 years I’d like to find the balance between Family, my professional life, and the car community, getting to be a better child, a better husband, I hope one time a happy father, a better engineer, leader, and a better, more experianced tech guy in the car enthusiasts family. I hope you find my writings interresting, and I’m always open for a discussion, just feel free to message me via e-mail or facebook!

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