Attention! Need your opinion!

Hello guys,

The twin-screw and centrifugal supercharger kit is ready hardware wise. The only remaining topic is modding the software. Here comes the difficulties and different routes.

It’s possible to tune the factory ecu and also possible to fit standalone/tunable ecu. Both solutions have their benefits but one thing is sure. I’m limited with resources (time, effort) so I can’t produce immediately all solutions. As well as I’ve decided to involve a 3rd company for the factory ecu tuning.

To make everything simpler I’ve decided to create a basic survey to get your opinions.

I’d like to ask you to spend some minutes and help me by filling in the questionary. Please ONLY fill in if you take it serious as well as your answers!

Thank you in advance!

Here’s the survey.

Alpina supercharger tuning on the way!!!

Hello guys,

I think I’ve well spent the last few weeks. 🙂 After several new 3d scans, re-engineering and re-designing hours/days I can introduce you the final form of the Supercharger Upgrade #2.

The housing, assembled backplate, original compressor wheel were 3d scanned and I’ve built this basic model. The blue one is the original (actually upgrade #1) compressor wheel and the yellow one is my new design tuning compressor wheel.

Instead of the original 7+7 design it’ll be 11+0 blade design. The housing must be machined and a little bit also the backplate but as you see it has well enough material to remain. During my design I’ve chosen from about 70 compressor wheels, checked 10 variants by fitting and this was the best.

This modification will cost approximately 700 euro which includes the new compressor wheel, machining of the parts, new set of o-ring and of course inspection and clearance settings.

I’ve started negotiating with the supplier and the MOQ is 5 pieces (+ design and validation cost, but that’s my issue). I also need to receive 50% pre-payment to start ordering.

If you have interest please let me know!

Alpina B5 ecu flash for sale

Hello guys,

I’ve for sale a fully virginised Alpina B5 ecu backup. Fully virgines mean that the ISN was set back and the VIN number is cleared. It means after installation you only need to sync in INPA to make it work.

This full backup could be flashed to all BMW ecu with Bosch pn 0 261 209 010.

What is different than normal e60? As you you know this car is supercharged so the parameters are tuned to the supercharger. In addition it uses a boost regulator, map sensor and 2 EGT sensor. It means it has a different software running which utilises speed density. If your Alpina ecu is dead or you supercharged your N62 engine you can start experiancing with this ecu.

You only need a tool with which you can load the full backup to sour ecu. Like a KTAG or BDM100.

I can also provide you the wiring and map sensor type to make it work.

Price is 600 euro.

New scans, new plans, new opportunities!

Hello guys,

2 new scannes arrived today. I’ve great plans with these, they revelas great possibilities, revolutinary products on the sight soon! 🙂

Some superchargers and spare parts

Hello guys,

Just cleaning the garage, thought I would show you my collection. 🙂 1 additional is on the way to me. 🙂

I always keep these as parts, if something is necessary for your sc, I can change it.

If you have one which will not be needed just throw me a message. I buy it for parts.

Some of these will start a completeley new life soon in a completely different form. 🙂

Alpina supercharger tuning

I’ve received the bigger compressor wheel for the tuning. 🙂

Stock size: 60/86 mm, 7+7 blade

Tuning size: 70/91 mm, 11 blade

The design process starts now, so hopefully I can present something at the end of May. 🙂

Relay board ready!!!

I’m ready with the relay board. If you’d like to install a DET3 piggyback and need a such panel, just let me know. 🙂

You will find the details HERE.

Alpina supercharger refurbishment improved

Hello Guys,

I’ve improved again my refurbishment service. I’ve changed ultrasonic cleaning to glass bead blasting on the compressor wheel. Ultrasonic cleaning remained for internal parts. Witht this method all of the contamination could be removed and also the micro scratches and damages on the wheel. After the cleaning it’s re-balanced for a better value than stock. Your compressor wheel will look better as new. 🙂

* It’s not a before-after picture. The top one is a damaged compressor wheel, the bottom one is a refurbished compressor wheel, just for comparison. The top one is irreparable.

BMW 545 N62 centrifugal supercharger set ready

Hello guys,

I’m happy to announce that I’m 95% ready with the N62 supercharger set. The prototype is installed on my 545 but it can be installed on all of the N62 platforms (except the E53 X5). And of course this is the prototype, and the final product will look less chaotic, it’ll have less tubing and more clear install. Now it uses the Alpina supercharger, bracket, pulley, etc. The only thing left is fine tuning and Dyno. I’m very curious how will it perform on the dyno.

It can be installed on the 4.4 and 4.8, e60, e63, e65 (e70). And with the additional piggyback you can adjust the tune yourself. It also has the possibility to install a Water Methanol Injection and update your tune.

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