Payment options

Dear customers,

If you’d like to pay for some parts or services you can do the following ways:

  1. Normal bank transfer
    • I’ve a registered TransferWise account so I’ve Hungarian, Euro, GBP, USD, PLN, etc… local accounts and you can simply transfer me money as you would normally in your country.
  2. If you’re also registered at TransferWise you can send me money using my e-mail adresse, and you can also use your bank card for payment.

My account details:

Account holder: László Fülöp
IBAN: BE32 9670 5691 3502
Address: TransferWise Europe SA Avenue Louise 54, Room S52 Brussels 1050 Belgium

USD (Only within USA):
Account holder: László Fülöp
ACH routing number: 026073150
Wire routing number: 026073008
Account number: 8310606234
Account type: Checking
Address: TransferWise 19 W 24th Street New York NY 10010 United States

The most preferred payment is normal bank transfer, or TransferWise payment. If you’d like to register please click HERE.

If you have any questions please contact me:

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