Alpina B5 B7 supercharger maintenance, rebuild, prices

With these Alpina superchargers are most important to keep the oil change periods, and use the oil and oil filter provided by Alpina/BMW.

Oil change periods should be 10-15k kms, and during the oil change don’t forget to drain the oil from the bottom of the intercooler and collect it to a cup. These superchargers leaking oil naturally. If you want to know the tech basics you can read it HERE.

The acceptable leak amount should be a “shot glass” amount. So some cl, or approximately half of the WD40 cup as demonstrated here.

If you have problems with the supercharger I can offer you several rebuild schemes:

  1. Basic o-ring set
  2. Basic rebuild
  3. Full rebuild
  4. Clutch bearing
  5. (Basic DIY rebuild kit)
  6. Billet compressor wheel
  7. Oversized pulley for higher boost

Be aware, prices are just for information! Final prices will be provided after disassembly and inspection!

1. Basic o-ring set:

If your supercharger ran less than 100k km, you have no pulley wobble and your only problem is small oil leak you can try changing the o-rings. Personally I’m not making this basic repair but I can supply you a set of o-rings and you can Do It Yourself. These are made of Viton which is heat resistant up to 200 C.

  • A set of o-rings:
    • 1 supercharger housing o-ring
    • 2 supercharger core o-ring
    • 1 main bearing housing o-ring
    • 1 back plate o-ring
    • 1 suction side restrictor o-ring
    • 1 pressure tube o-ring
    • 2 orings for oil joints
  • A set of new screws (6 + 2 pcs)

When you’re doing the o-ring service, be aware for some handling. Most important: NEVER PUSH OR HIT THE SHAFT! If you hit the shaft, the main bearings will damage and the supercharger will be dead in a very short time. Use engine oil when assembling the o-rings.

Basic o-ring set
  • VAT included (27%)

3. Full rebuild:

Clutch service not included.

Standard OEM compressor wheel used.

  • Complete seal system change
  • High-speed bearings changed
  • 1 input shaft bearing (OEM)
  • 2 transfer gear bearing (OEM)
  • 1 oil lip seal (OEM, Viton)
Full rebuild
  • VAT included (27%)
  • Billet compressor wheel and clutch maintenance not included

4. Clutch bearings:

If your supercharger has a loud clutch bearing I can supply you a kit for Do It Yourself purposes.

The kit contains:

  • 2 bearings
  • 2 o-rings

If You need the o-rings for the suction tube and pressure tube let me know!

If you don’t have the clutch removal tool, it could also be ordered.

You can find the DIY writeup for the maintenance HERE.

Clutch bearings
  • VAT included (27%)
  • 50% off if bought along a full rebuild

6. Billet compressor wheel:

During this upgrade the original compressor wheel is changed to a optimized design billett compressor wheel and uprated Hybrid ceramic Ultraprecision bearings.

Besides all parts are original, no machining, no tune needed, bolt on.

The reason that the original UP bearings are rated up to 85.000 rpm but the SC has 100.000 rpm. Which means faster worn.

Billet compressor wheel
  • VAT included (27%)

7. Oversized pulley for higher boost

Under design and test phase.

The crankshaft pulley will be changed to this larger side so the supercharger rpm will be raised to 107.000-110.000 rpm which results higher HP. The uprated hybrid ceramic ball bearing can withstand this high rpm.

Oversized pulley
  • VAT included (27%)

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    1. Hi Adrian,
      Thank you for your interest. Option 5 is not yet available. And it’ll be only available for those who have already let their supercharger rebuilt by me previously, as it needs major change.


    1. Yes, I offer a billett compressor upgrade. It is a billett milled material vs the cast oem. It is lighter and stronger, and it has extended blades and tips. It should bring about 1-2 psi more. I was also planning to make a larger impeller upgrade but I’m waiting for to receive at least 3-5 pre payment for it. It could bring the car up to 600 hp.
      Fully rebuilding the supercharger is also not a problem.


  1. do you offer your service also with a new clutch,ours is faling apart and the compressorwheel has a smal dent


  2. Hi,

    My supercharger has failed. The impeller is damaged, I am interested in the upgraded impeller and the crank pulley. Please let me know what the process and cost is for the full rebuild with whatever upgrades are available and the prepayment for the pulley along with return shipping. Thank you! -Santiago


    1. Hello, I can do also the rebuild with upgraded impeller and also the larger crank pulley. Please contact me and we discuss about the further steps. Or you can order the repair ar the bottom of the page.


  3. Hello, which position 6 or 7 should I take for my B5s vor more Horsepower? Do they also have the right V-belt or can I tighten the original one accordingly? Do i need a control unit adjustment afterwards?
    Best regards


    1. Hello Morris,
      You can choose both. However the oversized pulley is better to chose together with the billet wheel + ceramic bearing upgrade as the ceramic bearings have a catalog value of 107.000 rpm max rotation speed. The kit contains the longer belt for the oversized pulley. No need for dme adjustment.


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